This is a noobguide. Lets get started.

Building a shopEdit

To sell the products you have produced (or will produce) you need a shop. A shop can only be built in a trading city. The first level of a shop will only require CeasterCoins, but to upgrade a shop you need building materials like stones and wood.

First you will need a piece of land to built your shop on. So travel to the trading city you want your shop to be, and go to the town centre. In the town centre you will see any available pieces of land. Click on it and buy it. When you have bought land you can go to it through the "buildings" item in the menu.

When you go to a piece of land it will ask you which building you want to built, select "shop". Now you can enter it's name etc, and save. The costs will be taken from your budget and you will have a shop now.

Building a workshopEdit

To make products you need a workshop. A workshop can only be built in a resource city.

First you have to decide what product you're going to make. So take a look at the products page to see what the cost for each product are. Then explore the trading cities or the boards (advertisings from other players) which products are available on the market.

When you're going to produce a resource you need to buy land in a resource city with that resource. If you're going to manufacture (create products from other products) you can built your workshop in any resource city, be careful, not in a trading city!

When you have bought a piece of land you can go to it by the "buildings" page and select the right workshop.

Employing workersEdit

Before you can start production you need to employ workers. Therefore you need an available worker and a tool.

Available workers can be bought in the town hall. Make sure you don't buy too much of them at once (start with only 1) because that wouldn't do good to your budget.

When you have built a level one workshop you get a starter kit. This is one portion of the required tools and required resources (if needed). So you have one tool already available. If you want more tools you need to buy them from other players.

Now you can go to the workshop where you want to employ a worker. Make sure the tool is in the workshop's city's warehouse and you have an available worker. Then go to the "employ" tab in your workshop and you can employ your worker!

Now you are ready for production.


To produce you need a workshop and an employed worker, also you need the required resources in your warehouse. Then go to the "produce" tab in your workshop and put your worker(s) to work. Production will take some time. When production is finished the goods will be in your warehouse and an alert will be added to your newslog.

Production can decrease your tool's state. After a few times the tool will break. The employed worker will turn to an available worker and the tool will be destroyed. For further production you need to buy a new tool from a player's shop to employ a new worker.

In many cases production will require other products. There is an item cost for every time you produce. So you try to get good relations with other players and find some one to provide you the right resources for your product(s)!


When you have produced products they will be added to your resource city's workshop. Before you can sell them you need to move them to the warehouse of your shop's city. Just go to the warehouse where your products are and move them to the right city.

You can move the products from that warehouse to your shop the same way. Off course, you can move things from a trading city to a resource city too.

Selling and buyingEdit

Buying is very simple. Go to the towncenter and look for the right products, and for a good price off course ;). Then buy the products. They will be added to that city's warehouse. If you don't have a warehouse in that city you can built one.

When selling you need to have the products in your trading city's warehouse (the city where the shop is located). There you can move them to your shop and set a price for every product. So when you move 10 stone for 20 ceastercoins, 5 stones will be added to your shop for 20cc / each.

Now you have to wait until someone else buys your products! Meanwhile, you can look out for tools or resources for your workshop^, or products to expand one of your buildings (shop, workshop, warehouse). Also you can promote your products or make connections with other players and make deals!


There are many ways to market your products. Most importantly, use your imagination (or steal ideas from other playaers)! For example you can advertise on the chat or the boards, ...

[Under this line is the first rough draft of a gettinbg started article, we leave it here because it still may be usefull]

NOTE: This article is a rough draft, and temporary.

This article should get you started with playing CeasterTrade.

The aim in CeasterTrade is to let your business grow as much as you can in one round. You'll need to produce, transport, sell and buy products.

The first thing we have to do is to built a shop and a workshop. In the workshop you will produce goods and in the shop you will sell your goods.

First you have to decide which product you will produce and sell. So look in the trading cities which products are needed!

There are 2 types of cities. Trading cities and Resource cities. You can built shops in trading cities (and also buy in other players their shop) but you can't built workshops in trading cities. You can built workshops in resource cities but you can't built shops in resource building cities.

When you've decided which product you're going to make, look up which resources and workshop it needs to produce under "product info". If you're going to gather resources, explore in which city there's plenty of them left. You can travel from city to city for free.

You can look up which resources there are in a city by going to it's Town Center.

Also note that the distance between cities differ.

When you've decided which product you're going to produce and in which cities you will built your shop and workshop you can travel to these cities and built a warehouse in each city. This way you can transport goods to and from this city. Now buy a piece of land in each city. Then you will built the first level of each building. The first level of each building only costs CeatsterCoins (ingame currency) so you won't need products that aren't on the market yet.

When you built a first level workshop you will get a starter kit. This kit contains a tool and an amount of the required resources to produce at least one product.

To produce you will first have to hire workers. You need a worker for each tool. You can "buy" workers in the Town Hall. These workers will be added to your pool of workers.

When you have workers and tools (you get a tool from the starter kit) you'll have to add them to a workshop. Go to "buildings" or "town center" and then go to your workshop. There you can add tools.

Next you have to produce. If you need additional resources they should be in that town's warehouse. Go to your workshop and just put your workers to work. This will take a certain time, after that time has passed the goods will be added to that town's warehouse

Next you have to transport the goods to the city where your shop is situated. Go to the warehouse and select the amount of goods, the arrival city and sent the goods. This will take another bit of time.

When the products are arrived you go to the warehouse of that city and set a price and move them to your shop. When you go to your shop (via town center or buildings) you will see your goods for sale.

When you have sold goods, and have some cash available, you can buy new goods and produce again.

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